As a pioneer of eRCVs, we have developed extensive and safe electric vehicle support processes and systems for full customer support.

The high voltage factor means electric vehicles require a fundamentally different approach to servicing, repair and maintenance. Safety of everyone in the workshop is paramount.

Before the arrival of eRCVs, workshops must be specially prepared to support them, including the installation electrical safety equipment.

Thorough safety courses have been devised and every engineer working on electric vehicles must have successfully completed them before they can do any work on an electric vehicle – even non-electrical work.

In addition to this, we have specialist engineers, who have undergone even more extensive electrical vehicle training, in every Dennis Eagle Service Centre. Our non-engineering staff have also been trained in essential safety around electric vehicles.

We also provide these important electric vehicle safety training courses to customers, tailored to the needs of general staff, crews, engineers, supervisors and fleet managers. Further training is also provided for drivers as they may not be used to driving electric vehicles.

Other aspects of electric vehicle support are just as thorough as those we apply to conventional RCVs.

All spare parts for electric vehicles are fully stocked and available on or Electronic Parts Catalogue.

For further information on electric vehicle support, contact.us@dennis-eagle.co.uk