DE-Connect RCV Telematics System

Our purpose-built RCV telematics system is designed to help operators save money, improve service levels and reduce their environmental impact.

DE-Connect provides the insight and planning tools operators need to improve efficiency and directly achieve these goals.


Our RCV telematics system was developed specifically for the waste management industry. It has been factory fitted to every RCV leaving the Dennis Eagle factory since 2015 to avoid the additional costs and downtime incurred when fitting a third-party system.

The comprehensive collection and analysis of data from individual vehicles or entire fleets will provide the insight you need to improve efficiency.

It enables you to:

  • Get more out of your vehicles
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Change practices and behaviour of drivers


DE-Connect is fitted to more RCVs in the UK than any other system, providing us with unparalleled insight into both our vehicles and he ways operators use them.

This, coupled with our experience in the waste management industry, make us ideally placed to help operators maximise the benefits offered by this market leading telematics software.

We offer three different DE-Connect packages – each available with optional extras – to help operators meet their goals.

These are:

  • Waste Operator 
  • Rounds Builder 
  • Rounds Management