Our workshops provide RCV service and MOTs every day. But our thorough approach goes way beyond the ordinary.

Vehicles covered by our DE Assured R&M contracts are serviced every six weeks and routine servicing is planned well in advance.

This applies to all Dennis Eagle vehicles as well as those from other manufacturers, which are maintained to comply with original manufacturer’s guidelines. We can manage warranties on a customer’s behalf if requested.  

Our technicians are highly and regularly trained. They are supported by our mobile engineers to nullify any staff absences and also by our factory-based technical support department.

When it comes to preparing vehicles for MOT tests, the thoroughness of our preparations is second to none.

Dates are, once again, scheduled well in advance. We arrange the steam cleaning of vehicles to minimise down time and inform the customer of the date and location of the MOT. If cover is needed for a vehicle, we arrange it.

After receiving the vehicle in the depot, we inspect and test it to identify common MOT issues. All our inspectors are trained by VOSA.

Our supervisors then perform a thorough quality check. If there is any doubt about the vehicle passing the test, it is not presented and a new date is arranged. Finally, if the vehicle is more than two miles from the MOT Station, we carry out roadside bulb test to minimise the chance of anything going wrong on the way to the test.