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Sustainability and Innovation

In recent years, the disposal of waste has grown exponentially across the globe, driving the need and opportunity for innovation and growth in more sustainable and innovative waste management solutions and practices.

Sustainable innovation can be defined as the development of new products, processes, services and technologies that contribute to the development and well-being of human needs and institutions while respecting the worlds’ natural resources and regenerative capacity.

At Terberg RosRoca, we feel responsible for our environmental impact of our operations and we take into account the effect of our activities on the planet and people. Important focus areas for innovation are energy consumption, working conditions, a cleaner (working) environment, sustainable use of raw materials, sustainable technological developments, social policy and the relationship with the regions within which we provide waste collection and management solutions.

It is our drive to be at forefront of sustainable innovation within the waste collection and management industry to help increase our customer's efficiency, grow their businesses and make their operations more sustainable.



  • Powered up but gravity down for optimised fuel efficiency
  • Clever 4 wheel container recognition to switch seamlessly between domestic 2-wheel and 4-wheel commercial bins for mixed rounds
  • Automatic selective container shaking
  • Packer cycle delay control to optimise hopper volume space, reduce packing cycles and saves fuel
  • Electric variants of our front line bin lift systems to offer low noise, low voltage solutions that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission.



  • Rear protective device that stops the lifting cycle and is compliant with EN1501-5 to prevent injury during automatic lifting cycle
  • Two stage detection of containers to ensure location on lifter comb is correct before lifting cycle can begin
  • Automatic selective container shaking
  • Packer cycle delay control to optimise hopper volume space, reduce packing cycles and saves fuel
  • Easily accessed E-stop button stations


Productos electricos - eCollect

eCollect: 100% Electric eRCV

This is the world’s first all-electric Refuse Collection Vehicle from an OEM. It produces zero emissions so it doesn’t add to climate change or pollute the air we breathe. It’s a full-sized eRCV and built to last. Yet it is more efficient and cheaper to run. And it comes with the kind of support you’d only expect from Terberg.


OmniDEL (E)

Low voltage electric, low noise & efficiency in one high density collection solution. The OmniDEL (E) is the electrically powered version of the OmniDEL and collectively they represents our best selling low level fully automatic bin lift solution.


OmniDEL Tripple (E)

Our best-selling, low level fully automatic triple split bin lift system. Developed to be the perfect partner to longitudinally split RCV compaction bodies, the OmniDEL Triple works harmoniously with 70/30 or 30/70 split bodies.


Terberg OmniDEKA E

OmniDEKA (E)

Electrically powered version of the OmniDEKA. With all the great features of its hydraulic brother but only requiring a 24v connection to the vehicle. Its low noise rating makes it one of the quietest bin lifts available.


OmniMAX (E)

This system allows an impressive range of containers to be handled flexibly and safely with its robust rear-mounted electric lifting system. Designed to provide maximum operating flexibility, the Olympus OmniMAX (e) offers excellent performance, helps save fuel, reduces carbon emissions and improves efficiency.



Our efficient high level TA-DE (E) low voltage electric bin lift system, offering split automatic operation. The TA-DE (E) shares its mechanical design components, efficiency saving features and safety enhancing benefits with the standard TA-DE but requires only 24v chassis electrical power for operation.