Tide turns in Great Yarmouth with a raft of sustainable solutions from Dennis Eagle

11/13/2023 5:10:00 PM
As councils look for answers to deliver on their decarbonisation strategies, forward-thinking fleet operators such as Great Yarmouth Services Limited, a Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo) at Great Yarmouth are starting that journey to Net Zero with Dennis Eagle. A fresh fleet of 11 Euro 6 compliant Elite+ refuse collection vehicles (RCVs), headed by a fully electric eCollect, combined with insightful data and new ways to engage the community, are bringing a ‘sea change’ in sustainability on England’s East Coast.

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Delivering on decarbonisation

With a target of becoming Net Zero by 2035, Great Yarmouth Borough Council looked to prioritise where it could make the greatest difference. Upgrading its ageing, 12-year-old fleet offered an opportunity to not only reduce emissions and downtime but collaborate with the community, particularly the next generation of Great Yarmouth, and inspire them to join the journey.


Fit for purpose

“Our successful relationship with Dennis Eagle stretches back decades,” says Callum Braid, transport manager at Great Yarmouth Services.

“From the point of ordering through to aftermarket and in-field support, Dennis Eagle has consistently delivered great customer service. As vehicles created specifically for the purpose, nothing else we have tried has come close.”

The latest order comprises 11 Elite+ Narrow Chassis; the first five were delivered in July with the remaining six arriving in time for Christmas.

“Alongside our desire to reduce emissions, we also wanted a vehicle that could cope with the roads we have in Great Yarmouth,” says Chris Silverwood, managing director at Great Yarmouth Services.

“Across our nine frontline rounds, we’ve got plenty of narrow Victorian streets and in the summer, when holidaymakers come to the town, we have to contend with a lot of parked cars, making manoeuvrability and vision a priority for our crews. Dennis Eagle’s Narrow Chassis with rear steer enables us to operate more safely in areas where a regular 26-tonne vehicle can’t.”


Charging forward

The more comfortable, easier-to-operate Elite+ Narrow Chassis RCVs will be joined in March 2024 by Great Yarmouth’s pioneering eCollect; the first fully-electric RCV in Norfolk.

“As part of our evaluation, we tested an eCollect on a rigorous five-day trial,” adds Silverwood.

“One day it was collecting garden waste, the next day recycling, then general waste etc. The crews loved it for its quiet running and smooth acceleration and returning to the depot at the end of the shift with a 50% charge. It’s also a very visual way of showcasing the council’s commitment to decarbonisation around the town.”

Utilising the eCollect to advance sustainability within the community builds on the momentum generated by a recent, successful campaign led by Great Yarmouth Council in collaboration with local schools. It featured contests where children named and designed the livery for new RCVs in their respective areas of the town, and these trucks subsequently visited schools, serving as a captivating means to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and recycling.


Data driven decisions

Dennis Eagle’s ability to acquire real-time data from its vehicles is contributing to driving more efficiencies for this operator. Developed specifically for the waste management industry, the factory-fitted DEConnect software supports Great Yarmouth Services to extract more from every round.

“We have optimised the routes to not only reduce mileage, one less vehicle but also reduced fuel use by 35,000 litres per year,” concludes Silverwood.

“We are at the start of a journey, a ten-year plan. In the midst of much uncertainty in the world around decarbonisation, we have already been able to demonstrate real progress.”

Cllr Paul Wells Portfolio Holder - Environment, Sustainability, Licencing & Waste.

“As a council, we are committed to ensuring that we achieve the best possible service for residents, and that means becoming more efficient – not only on a cost level but also in terms of carbon usage. It is early days, and a long road but we have a clear goal at the end of the journey.” 


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For nine-year-old Leo, it was a dream come true to see his design and chosen name (Big Green Beast) applied to the RCV that collects from his school. “Our new fleet will be visiting other schools, offering a more interesting method to raise awareness of the need to reduce waste and recycle,” says Silverwood. “It’s just the beginning of a long journey but one that’s an opportunity to bring the community together, strengthening their connection to the local environment.”

If you are heading to Great Yarmouth, look out for Recycling Robin, Dusty Pan, Bennie the Bin Truck, Eco Eva, and Leo’s Big Green Beast.


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