100 more RCVs ordered by Penske Australia

10/9/2023 1:10:00 PM
Following a marked increase in orders in 2022 from Down Under, our Australian partner Penske placed an order for a further 100 trucks recently.

Penske (1).png


The trucks are all 6x4 Elite 6 chassis, with a full advanced driver assist safety (ADAS) package, air suspension and either dual controls or right-hand steering.

Truck safety is increasingly important in the Australian market, along with environmental credentials, although Euro 6 engines will only become mandatory in Australia in November 2024.

The Elite 6 chassis, however, not only has a raft of class-leading safety features but already has a fuel efficient, lower carbon, particulates and NOx-emitting Euro 6 engine, which encouraged Australian clients to be early adopters.

Penske Australia’s Head of Fleet Shannon Mair said: “These big orders are in line with our ambitious goal of doubling our sales in the next two years.

“Some of these 100 trucks are based on firm orders while others are speculative. We’ve taken a bullish approach and we’re confident of winning orders for them. And there are likely to be more orders in the pipeline.
“They are great trucks and customers can see that Dennis Eagle continuously invests in developing them. And being backed up by our extensive customer support network is a winning combination.”