The environment is the responsibility and concern of every employee of Dennis Eagle Ltd.

The environmental impacts of a product are determined by the resources employed and actions taken at all stages of product life, from concept, design, manufacture and service through to end of life recovery. Environmental impacts can be managed only by the effective control of our business processes so that the end results satisfy our customers' expectations and those of the wider public.

To ensure the continued effectiveness of our business, we have written processes and procedures. Our commitment extends specifically to ensuring that we avoid pollution in the course of our business and reduce our waste output from the production activity by maximising our recycling opportunities. ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised Environmental Management Standard, which provides a structured and uniform method of meeting environmental goals and obligations.

Dennis Eagle Ltd has been approved to ISO 14001:2015 Standard which demonstrates to our customers that we are committed to and able to meet our environmental obligations whilst seeking to enhance good practice and continuous improvement. Our accreditation to the standard is the visible expression of the way in which our business operates and complies with all our legal obligations. In order to demonstrate continued control both to ourselves and Lloyds Register Quality Assurance we regularly carry out internal audits to ensure that environmental standards are maintained, continuously improved and updated as systems change.

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