HS ECO-Upgrade:
for added efficiency
and environmental protection

With the HS ECO-Upgrade, we open up new possibilities for your HS side loader technology. The software update is easy to install and contributes towards making waste disposal more efficient, environmentally friendly and health conscious.

Upgrade to ECO today!

The software can be installed quickly and easily – with decisive advantages for your waste disposal needs.

Improved efficiency, reduced wear and fuel consumption; less body vibrations
Added environmental protection: Reduction of noise and CO2 emissions
Added health and safety: Lower noise levels and reduced vibrations for drivers
Clever functions. Targeted application of force.

The HS ECO-Upgrade ensures that the forces in your HS side loader are distributed optimally:

  • Reduced load on start-up: The appropriate, automated activation and deactivation of the press saves fuel and provides power for the start-up process, for example.
  • Optimisation of speed: The ECO-Upgrade adjusts the operating speed during collection – this reduces fuel consumption, environmental pollution, vehicle wear and body vibrations.
  • The smoother vehicle operation as a result of the ECO-Upgrade has a positive effect both on the physical stress placed on the driver and on the environment: Improved driving comfort, less noise and reduced CO2 emissions are a convincing argument throughout.

Simple retrofitting
All HS side loaders built in or after 2004 can usually be fitted with the optimised control software for the ECO-Upgrade within 1.5 working days. One day is set aside for accompanying and training the driver, plus for readjustment of the control system. The chassis must be prepared accordingly.

We would be happy to advise you by phone 0049-4473-9310-200 or by e-mail: service@hs-fahrzeugbau.com.

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