Fully integrated
5 camera DVR recording system

Dennis Eagle’s state-of-the-art 5 Camera Recording System is factory-fitted during production with our mark of quality and is designed to provide unrivalled protection for the crew, the public and the operator by seeing and recording everything that happens around the vehicle.

Five 720-pixel HD cameras.

Four of the cameras are mounted at the front, each side and rear to provide a full 360O field of view. Crystal clear live images are displayed on a seven-inch in-cab screen.

The fifth recording camera is focused on the vital work area and is displayed on the in-cab body screen, ensuring extra protection for the crew.

An eight channel system records footage from all the cameras on a durable, vibration and shock-resistant solid state 1TB hard drive.

Prevent, Provide & Protect

Our camera system will help to prevent accidents by increasing visibility, protecting the crew, cyclists and other road users.

The hard drive stores approximately two months of footage to ensure a clear record is available for insurance claims and court cases.


Our camera system can be fully integrated with DE-Connect so back-office staff can see live video and carry out camera system health checks.

A special ‘crash reconstruction playback’ feature ensures any bumps or jolts to the vehicle are quickly flagged up to drivers and operators.


The whole system comes with full Aftermarket support including timely maintenance, prompt repairs and fully stocked parts on our Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)

We are also able to provide an Aftermarket retrofit option through our service network.

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