HS Maintenance Service:
Safe values -
fewer breakdowns

For even more safety when using your robust HS vehicles, we offer the following services. Individual service packages at fair prices. Whether full service or component contract: together with you, we determine the optimum scope of our services for you.

HS Maintenance Service - our services:

  • Scheduling of maintenance intervals and UVV tests
  • Execution of preventive repairs (according to customer's agreement)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of operating hours for early appointment coordination
  • technical assistance by telephone; remote diagnosis by modem dial-up
  • Full service contract: all wearing parts included
  • Technical field service with our own assembly team
  • Service at our more than 80 service stations throughout Germany
  • Documentation of the vehicle history (curriculum vitae file)

Six good reasons for the HS Maintenance Service:

  1. Reliability through regular maintenance and preventive repairs
  2. Cost transparency with fair and predictable flat rates
  3. Preservation of value through preventive inspections and replacement of wearing parts
  4. Planning reliability thanks to early scheduling for maintenance and inspection
  5. Repairs by the customer on request, repairs can be carried out by the customer on his own initiative and charged at fixed rates to HS
  6. Availability by minimizing downtime

You can reach us by phone on 0049-4473-9310-212 or by e-mail Joerg.Vaassen@hs-fahrzeugbau.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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