Olympus Twin Pack

With two separate bodies, tailgates and operational systems, the Olympus Twin Pack means users can collect two different waste streams at the same time, enabling residual waste and recyclables – including mixed recycling, glass, plastics, paper or cardboard – to be collected in one trip, reducing the number of collection rounds.

Available as either a 65/35 or 50/50 split body depending on requirements, it helps to safeguard against cross contamination during the collection and recycling process and ensures maximum payload with minimum operational input whatever the type of waste stream being collected.

  • Two totally separate bodies, tailgates and independent operational systems safeguard against cross contamination at all stages of the collection and recycling process.
  • Enables residual waste and recyclables to be collected together in one trip so reduces the number of collection rounds.
  • Available as either a 65/35 or a 50/50 split body to suit recycling requirements.
  • Large volume for a small vehicle footprint.
  • Smooth sided one piece construction.
  • Exterior packing rams and inverted sweep rams, enabling safer access and easier maintenance.
  • Roof mounted hopper lift rams and one piece body hopper seal.
  • 8mm Hardox hopper floor for excellent wear.
  • CANbus electrical system.
  • Minimum requirement for working at height.
  • Quiet & efficient hydraulic system, with industry leading fuel efficiency.


Terberg RosRoca Group Innovative Eco-Technology

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