Bin Lift Features

Rear view camera

Supplied within our standard specication.

Lip clamp

Heavy duty lip clamp designed for industrial use.

Rear lights

Fully compliant with UK traffic regulations (outline marker lights, high level lights and number plate lights). Strobe and rotating beacons available.

Drop down rave

Can be lowered to 120cm for manual loading of large items and up to 140cm for continuous operation.

Multi-position bump bar

Designed to suit a wide range of bins and with skids for roll top container lid opening.

Paladin arms

In addition to the standard lip clamp, paladin arms can be fitted with automatic bin sensor and clamping.

Light guard and joystick

Optional light guards can be fitted to avoid damage during operation. The joystick facilitates operation when locating wheeled bins.


Ergonomically designed layout with heavy duty buttons to suit industrial operation.